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Beyond Just Straight Teeth...

Here in Smile Avenue, we aim more than just giving you the perfect straight well-aligned teeth. In the past, straight teeth are sometimes achieved at the expense of facial aesthetics, resulting in generations of patients having over-retracted upper/lower teeth and a “sunken” prematurely aged appearance for instance.

We study the nature of both the hard tissue (skeletal and dental) and soft tissue (lips) and their relationship carefully in our clinical examination. Assessment of the soft tissue response to the teeth movement is carried out throughout your treatment. We will ensure you have a well-balanced and pleasing facial and lips profile at the end of your braces treatment.

Equally important, we pay close attention to your final occlusion (how your teeth bite together) because having a good occlusion means you are able to function well with your teeth. No effort is spared in carrying out your treatment so as to achieve this goal.

As we understand you want more than just straight teeth…


At Smile Avenue Dentistry, our friendly and dedicated team believes in putting our patients first. We understand the concerns and worries that you may have about taking up braces treatment. That is why we always go the extra mile to answer your queries and provide you with the service that you deserve.

Professional Qualification
  • Fellow of Academy of Medicine, Singapore (Orthodontics)
  • Fellow of The College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore
  • M.Orth RCS (Edinburgh)
  • Master of Orthodontics with Distinction (HK)
  • B.D.S (Singapore)

Dr. Dale Phan is a Specialist in Orthodontics accredited by Singapore Dental Council. … Read More


Our clinic features a patient-centric design and layout. Your comfort is one of our top priorities and we will do our very best to make your visit a pleasant one. At Smile Avenue Dentistry, you can expect the best quality, stress-free braces treatment experience. We always have your health and safety in mind.To achieve that, stringent infection control is in place and we are equipped with advanced digital x-ray machine which significantly minimizes your exposure to radiation.

If you have happen to have some free time to spare during your visit to our clinic, head down to the garden at 8th floor. Chill and enjoy the serenity of the garden over a cup of specialty coffee, or simply take a walk.